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About Us


Desert Rose Jewellery Manufacturing is a Custom Design studio.

Our name: Dean our founder was born in Namibia and from there the name Desert Rose referring to A desert rose is an intricate rose-like formation of crystal clusters of gypsum or baryte, which include abundant sand grains.

 Officially established in 2015, with combined experience of over 20 years

in the Semi-Precious & Fine Jewellery and Manufacturing industry.

Every item we produce is by special order, this enable authenticity to each client.

We create client's unique design ideas, therefore each item we manufacture will be self resembled in it's own unique way to tell the story of the person wearing it.

We create Timeless, Classic to Modern designs. By the use of the latest technologies and techniques we can assure you the quality Jewellery at affordable prices.

The occasion is yours, we assist gladly with anything Jewellery.

DRJM sets out to provide top quality service & workmanship,

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Wear & Care

Care Guide


  • Lightly wipe your jewellery with a jewellery cloth after each wear to remove any unwanted chemicals on the surface of your jewellery. 

  • Easy way to clean at home iw luke warm water with dishwashing liquid and soft tooth brush.

  • Book a professional annual clean with us, for full service. 


  • Avoid wearing your jewellery when completing activities such as cleaning, gardening, swimming and showering.

  • Apply your cosmetics, moisturisers and hair products before adding your jewellery with clean hands.

  • Avoid impact with hard surfaces, including other items of jewellery. This will protect against scratching and chipping



Gemstones are delicate and will chip or shatter on impact with hard surfaces. Please take care when handling and storing.

Please note that stones that break due to mishandling will not be viewed as faulty.

Design your Own

Creating Dreams

Custom design with DRJM.

We design your desire with you, adding personalised touches. Each piece is unique.

Book an colsutation with our inhouse designer to create that special piece

We spesialise in:

  • Engagement Rings

  • Wedding Bands

  • Unique Gents bands

  • Personalised Engraved pieces

  • Necklaces

  • Bracelets

  • Occasion Jewellery

  • Repairs

  • Cleaning & Service or your Jewellery

  • Remodeling

  • Custom Accessories

  • Refurbish of Watches

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